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Mustard Seed Songs was formed in 1999 and is centred on songs composed by Ken Shearsmith. Money raised from CD sales and concerts support young people who take time off from their studies to work voluntarily in the developing world.

Over one hundred and fifty songs have featured on ten CDs, in numerous concerts and in a musical production, His Story; performed at venues such as the Kings Theatre in Southsea, Portsmouth and Central Hall in Westminster, London.

For a long time Mustard Seed Songs have had a close association with the Crusade for Worldwide Revival (CWR), publishers of Every Day With Jesus; one of the most popular daily Bible-reading tools in the world. To promote the 40th anniversary of Every Day With Jesus, CWR attached a mini Mustard Seed Songs’ CD to 100,000 copies of the celebratory edition. CWR have also distributed 5 CDs produced by Mustard Seed Songs and have featured its music on 7 of their own devotional CDs - Inspirational Readings.

In addition charity Release International, supporters of the Persecuted Church, have distributed two more Mustard Seed Songs’ CDs - Lift Your Hearts to Heavenly Places and For Unsung Heroes. It was Release International that sponsored His Story for the London Pentecost Festival held at Central Hall in Westminster, London.

In Easter 2012 and 2014 concert versions of Risen!- The Musical were staged at Holy Rood Church, Stubbington, Hampshire and on Easter Sunday 2013 a pilot stage production played to a packed audience, again at Holy Rood. Since then we have been dedicated to the production and further development of Risen! The Musical - the story of Jesus’ Resurrection.

Here are some of the comments from the audience:


"Congratulations, what a wonderful piece!! So moving and it really connected with me - couldn't speak for a few hours afterwards."

"What a wonderful show. It moved me to tears at times, very, very moving."

"Congratulations to all involved."

"The presentation was immensely inspiring and upbeat! The music is particularly brilliant .......it was all I could do to remain in my seat!"



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